Thursday, 26 April 2012

Stop the Blame Game!

We generally hear statements from Parliamentarians :"The country is  growing at a steady economic growth and our vast consumer base is growing." " India is on the road to becoming a super- power" etc. But my question to them is, Is this economic growth enough? In fact can this growth of a negligible amount of people amount to GROWTH?

Are we blind to the fact that millions of Indians are starving to death or, that thousands prefer to kill themselves to get rid of their farming debts!

Poor citizens die everyday because they cannot afford doctors and medicines. Children are forced to be out at work when they should be at school. And while there are children who are unfortunate not to receive education, there exist a large number of educated youth who become a liability to their parents because of lack of employment guarantee in the country.

It is a pity to note that major benefits of various programmes implemented for the poor are snatched away by the Government employees and contractors who work as intermediaries. The deep rooted corruption has only made it worse not only for the poor  but for every general citizen?

For now,what we need is that the Politicians,Planners and Bureaucrats must be made accountable to the nation and its people for their deeds. But this of course is not the 100% solution to the problem.

One cannot play the 'Blame-Game'. Just as how you cannot clap without two hands, similarly a country's growth is stunted when its citizenry is inactive, apathetic and is filled with passive observers. This is why through the medium of this blog, I want to request all fellow-citizens of the Republic of India to emphasise on transparency and involve themselves in the process of development to decrease the gulf between people and the government so that the country moves towards the path of development. 

Do not limit yourselves to only 'voting'. That is only one of your duties to your country. Raise your voice against the unjust and create awareness among those who are less privileged. This will not only India Empowered it will also lead to Indians Empowered!

Mehul Thakkar

@Mehul_Thakkar_ on Twitter

The Writer is a 12th Grade student and an Aspiring Politician.


  1. awsome article bro well you surely have a lot of hidden talent in you

  2. Well written.. apart from raising concern over the need of awareness and steps towards development, it would also be beneficial if one could come up with a way wherein citizens/volunteers could be invited to contribute. Hence the focus moves towards actions which would eventually n bring about the change.