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Regular Writers on Progressive Indians for Change:

Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma   
The Writer holds a Master's in International Business & Finance. He has previously worked as Public Policy Intern at Observer Research Foundation and Phillip Morris Inc. He is also associated with Africa Consultancy Intelligence (ACI) and will shortly join Standard & Poor's.

Field of Interest: IR, Economics and Politics.

Twitter handle: @SSharma1217 

Mr. Nitish Bhardwaj 
The Writer has completed his B.Sc in Psychology, from Stony Brook University and hopes to pursue a Masters degree in Political Science from JNU, New Delhi in 2013.

Field of Interest: Public Policy, International Relations and Politics

Twitter handle: @nitish9bhardwaj

Kumari Ranjana Bharati
The Writer is a Final year Law student at ILS Law college, an Environmental Activist and the Recipient of the Chief Minister's award for Potential Leadership qualities in Bihar.

Field of Interest: Indian Culture & Heritage, Environment

Twitter handle : @KrRanjanaBharti

Mr. Purav Mehta

Bio: The Writer is a voracious reader,sports freak and follows politics and business news as part of a daily ritual. He resides in Sydney and has recently graduated in the field of business.

Fields of Interest : Philosophy, Current Affairs, International Politics and Sports

Twitter Handle: @Bazinga999

Mr. Abhinav Pandya
The Writer is a student pursuing a degree in MPA from Cornell University.
St.Stephen's College, Delhi University

Field of Interest: Public Policy and International Affairs

Email id :

Mr. Tarique Anwer 
The Writer is the Founder of Aspire Age Solutions and a Freelance Education Consultant. He takes keen interest in the Indian Politcal scenario.

Fields of Interest : Education and Politics

Twitter handle: @Tarique_Anwer

Mr. Vivek Sharma
The Writer is an Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer, Published Author, Ex Army, Ex Corporate Slave, MBA, Prince2 Practitioner, Management Consultant.
Founder of,,,,

Fields of Interest : Education and Self- Help

Miss Katherine. Abraham [Moderator]
The Writer holds a Bachelors Degree in English Literature and is currently a Final year Law student at ILS Law College, Pune. Gold medallist in Public Speaking from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and currently an Assistant Teacher for Spoken English and Communication at Expressions Unlimited, Pune. Aspiring UN diplomat, Writer passionate about Law, Governance and Diplomacy.

Fields of Interest: Politics, International Affairs, Education.

Twitter handle : @katie_abraham