Monday, 16 April 2012

INDIA: My Country, My Duty!

Vasyo bhooyaaya vasumaan
Yagyo vaso vanshishiya |
Vasumaan bhooyasum vasu mayi dhehi ||
                                                            (Atharvaved 16/9/4)
Meaning: O human beings! Have faith in God and always strive in such a way that by serving others, you get the most excellent status in life.

So you’ve reached this page and now you’re reading this; one thing’s for sure, i.e. — you’re thinking about doing something for your country, community, your state. You and I both know that corruption is unfortunately all around us and has been there even before we were born. Sadly, the magnitude of corruption gets immeasurable when it comes to Indian politics. Conversely, the typical Indian is also hopeful, we know and realize that it can be curbed, reduced and brought down under control so as to it doesn’t hinders the all over growth. If you’re thinking about working for your country for the good of the common people then you’re naturally motivated and optimistic. 

Although I can’t deny the fact that it does get confusing in determining the right approach that would take you towards your desired goal of serving your community. We often come across questions like, “What can I do for my country that will bring a substantial change?” “How should I do it?” “Where should I start from?” “How would it affect my personal life?” “Would I be able to do it?” Have you ever thought of 'I' for 'India'? What can we as Young People do for Our Country?

We all do charity, we all have a kind heart filled with benevolence, and we all donate and help people in need but still don’t find it enough. We still find millions of people not even making it two let alone three square meals a day, living in tenements on the roads, unemployed youth, and children forced to work, all of them without basic amenities, health care facilities. Not living their lives but struggling and striving for their life.

So, we do not have the personal resources to make a big difference but our State has. None of us are self-sufficing. We all need each other’s help in some way or the other to achieve something. We are dependent on each other. THAT IS WHY THERE IS A STATE, THERE IS POLITY, THERE IS POLITICS, THERE IS A GOVERNMENT AND THERE IS DEMOCRACY.

It is for us. We are for it. We need the state to help us and the state needs its faithful citizens to achieve the common good of all. ‘People’ and the ‘State’ are not two different entities. It is a homogeneous system. It is the ‘System’. We are a part of it. So is the ruling government. Yes it is just a part. If the State has a duty towards the citizenry, as responsible members of a larger whole we have as much as responsibility towards it. If today we say that the system is corrupt then it is implicit that we are too!

Now if you want to do something about it then go ahead. Just raising your voices against the system is not going to get you anything. What do you do when you need to clean your room, your home? You pick up a broom and you clean it yourself or you get help but still you supervise it. You tell the help what to do and how to do because you care for it. The system is also a part of our home, my friend and it is contaminated right now and is in desperate need of some purification. Paying your taxes and voting are not mere duties they are OBLIGATIONS. But your responsibility towards the state does not end just yet. You still got to supervise it.

Whether you’re a student or an employed professional or retired from work, you all have roles to play. You do not need to be told what to do. If you know what is good for yourself don’t you know what is good for the country and what is not. Every act and every deed counts. All we need is the will. We already have a surfeit of theories, policies and strategies to develop our country. We Indians have sharp minds. History and the contemporary world is a proof of that. What we lack is the willingness to execute our thought or as the Good Book says, “The flesh is willing but the soul is weak.” What we need is to re-think for ourselves exactly what is right for the common welfare of all. 

Our country needs the youth who possess the will to actually implement these policies and strategies which are currently suffocating under the sheets of corruption.

Just gather the will to do the righteous thing and very soon you will find a much better ‘System’ working with you and for you of which you’ll be a proud participant. It will also give you happiness and satisfaction along with the billions around you. If it cannot be perfect, then it definitely can be close to it. 
            Don’t stop till you feel you’re there. Have faith in god and in yourself.

Nitish Bhardwaj

@nitish9bhardwaj on Twitter

The Writer is currently a Civil Services Aspirant and a student of Political Science.

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