Thursday, 19 April 2012

Politically Incorrect!

When I heard about this Blog, I was impressed. The creator is this wonderfully idealistic, charged girl, who wants to improve the World, and make it a better place. Really an amazing plan. The way ahead though is going to be really rough, what with the corruption that is rife in Politics.

The scenario today is far different than what it used to be. Politicians used to be respected far more than abused. Today it's the other way around. Mind you, I don't say this is the case everywhere and all the time, I am sure there are honest people. Somewhere…

Unfortunately, the number of dishonest and corrupt and schizophrenic outnumber the nice. But what can be done to change this? All laws seem to have been manipulated to suit the corrupt and keep them out of jail. I could have said, stop bribing. But I am a part of the 'Aam Junta' which cannot help but say that the political situation is on the downward spiral.

But I ponder at times, what if…. What if we did have stringent laws that would punish the corrupt, and keep them out of Politics and out of the Government? And what if the punishment was immediate, rather than long-drawn? And what if the Party President refused to accept the corrupt back into the Party? Then wouldn't that be better? What possesses the Party to demean its reputation by accepting these barely educated criminals? 

For example, why, if a Politician is being investigated for criminal misconduct, disproportionate assets and corruption and bribery and any number of scams, should he still be in the Party?

And how does a vegetable vendor, barely educated immigrant become so wealthy that even he doesn't have an account of the money and assets he owns? Or even a school teacher? Obviously not through honest means, right?

So the actual question here is, what stops the Party from cracking the whip, so to speak?

Answers, anyone?

Jennifer. Iyer

@JestChill on Twitter

Too many thoughts in too short a period.
Shall be exploring the darker side of Politics.

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  1. There is no smoke without fire! Any public figure suspected of malpractice should be asked to refrain from participating further in public life till fast track courts clear his name or prosecute him/her. The level of prosecution of politicians is abysmal in this country despite being overly legislated.
    The judiciary needs to gain prominence and consitutional bodies have to be allowed to provide real solutions.