Sunday, 3 February 2013

Impartial and Honest Policing is the Key

It is a sordid state of affairs in India today with crimes galore including Rape, Murder, Loot and the culprits more often than not getting away scot free. This is compounded by the fact that the perpetrators are usually either in positions of power or well connected to the same. We have had incidents of elected representatives and even the police officials themselves indulging in this heinous rape of democracy. What then is the solution?

The key difference in India and the first world countries is the stark difference in the policing and the police. The Police is not subjugated in the first world to the whims of the powerful and the mighty and they are indeed public servants literally in every sense. When a crime is committed the criminal is subjected to an uniform procedure no matter who he is. Crime is tackled head on and there is no attempt to beat around the bush or muddy the waters in a vile attempt to cover up the same. Everything is transparent and every citizen/resident is subject to the same uniform treatment be it the prime minister/chancellor or an unemployed homeless person. This ensures that every person has the same respect and fear of the Police wherein they know and understand that they stand to be held fully accountable for their actions for the good or the bad!

There is no interference from any quarter unless injustice is being seen to be done. This in itself emboldens the Police to function in an impeccable manner wherein Justice is neither delayed or denied. The society embraces this as an inherent and integral part of its fabric wherein the individual goal is subjugated beautifully tot he general good and such a society is formed that is humanly closest possible to an utopian one.

When the people get used to such a society where onus is placed on themselves to be law abiding and just the resultant scenario is a natural reduction and eradication of social crime. It is no wonder then that the crime rates fall and citizens feel safe and secure to function to the best of their abilities.

We have to aim for such a situation in India which is possible only by first removing all corrupt elements of our society wherein it is to be understood that certain areas are gangrened to an extent that only an amputation would save the whole body. People and organisations that have been habitually corrupt and rotten and have to be thrown in the sacrificial fire of truth and honesty in order to pave the way for a clean and just system. The politicians, police, bureaucrats that are known to be corrupt need to be removed from their positions and duly punished for their crimes. This should be followed by an impartial system of public recruitment which ensures that only merit is considered not the caste or background or connections or bank balance of the aspirants. The quota system needs to slowly fade in toto be it on base of colour, caste, creed or finances otherwise equality in the truest sense may never be struck. 

Although this sounds simple, it is not in so in practice. We have to ensure that our acts should lead the way to the formation of an India that was envisaged by our freedom fighters who did not lay their lives down for the total destruction of everything that is just and pure!

Vivek Sharma