Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beacon of Hope: Agents of Change

The burgeoning of youth of India heralds a green signal for commitment, hope and growth. India’s potential demographic dividend at an all time high of around 225 million Indians in the age group of 10 to 19 years (India Year Book) rings the bell of resurgence: of a promising future. A power to be relished, they have migrated from the corners of an established set-up to its centre, to stay on for a while, with a clarion call: Let’s stand for change and be the change.

 Multiple dimensions neatly packed in layers of its latent meaning assure this seemingly simple sounding monosyllable, fission energy. Here, one is not talking about a sudden hurricane of change that blows over, sending shockwaves and cracks, but a slow transition that is ‘rapid’ in its pace. Allow change to blossom like a flower. Whether it smells like the richest perfume or stinks like the dirtiest dungeon, only time shall say. But the inherent strength in youth does not deter them from shredding monotony and welcoming the warmth of change.

 I believe, “Tharoorians for Change” is the siphoning of this strength that moulds Indian Youth as a force to reckon with. The statement has been bold and marked in red. Yes! We have arrived. Here, we are not arguing for a place, but seeking what is our due and it is not a question of engulfing, but embracing. In this changing scenario of international equations, where an “Indian” equals to being “global”, their presence should have a positive impact. The emerging group should not be a limited edition, but an unlimited swell that can make a difference, that matters to the millions around them. In this venture, the able should extend a helping hand to their fellow beings and place them on the growth trajectory as well.

Regional, ethical, political, social differences are all issues to deal with, but there is one thread that bonds us together- the robustness of age and yearning to do something productive. This makes us shout to the world, “We are willing, are you?” Though ‘change’ has become a cliché these days, its scope has not diminished. What exactly is the change one is talking about? As one among the million others, I would define change as something positive, that sprouts from our past experience and flowers into possibilities of a promising future. This change I am talking about does not call for a complete revamp of the system or a break away from the codes and conventions. It is just delving deep into the roots, so as to strengthen our understanding and let it grow into a huge tree that can provide shade and fruits to all people who approach it. It’s no big deal when we ourselves are the change by being agents of change. It is an awareness of one’s legal, constitutional and fundamental rights and duties that directs us towards this goal. Just being a conscious individual and a societal fellow helps us to spread this message. Learning to say a “Yes” as yes and a “NO” as a no, in packets of diplomacy, when it is needed is lesson one. The rest follows. We need to practice it now itself for a better future.

Each and everyone out there should shed their lethargy and surge ahead. The world is waiting. As a power force, that needs no environment clearance, ministerial approvals, it is a drive that is priceless than any other power-projects of our country. Its accessibility and positive impact is its strength. Then why don’t we tap it?

It is interesting to note here, why be a Tharoorian? He walked into politics bringing a whiff of change. From dress code to style to work pattern, he made statements. Kurtas, unruly hair, welcoming smile, pleasing personality, accented English, raw sounding Malayalam, international fame, domestic appeal, tech-friendly, authoritative author, …unending list…unending appeal. So let’s reframe, why not be a Tharoorian? Initially, misquoted, misunderstood and misinterpreted, the politician in Dr.Shashi Tharoor missed the nuances of a system older than himself. But nothing has stopped him in his journey as a people’s politician, people’s voice and above all, people’s beacon of hope. Adapting and acclimatizing, in true Tharoorian style, the man with an erudite beam and diplomatic halo has been the face of change. Like a candle that lights other candles, the energy has passed on to a million others.

This unflinching support to Shashi Tharoor has urged the youth to come hand-in-hand as agents of change and be the harbingers of hope. These are not flat statements overstated. As empowered youth, we are accountable to those who have gone in front of us and also to those who will follow us.

To dream about change requires guts, to think about change requires a heart, and to bring about a change, it requires courage. Let the zeal in each and every one of us seize the moment!

Farah Zachariah

@FarahZachariah on Twitter

The Writer is a Phd Research Scholar.

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