Sunday, 7 July 2013

Results: Careful student, callous examiner?

Recently there was a hue and cry on Delhi University’s cut off list was announced which was 100%. Everybody had their own opinion about it. Of course, a certain percentage cannot stop any individual from being successful. However, to get education from a good university, one has to score. Well, that’s how the trend is! Those who score highest get it and those who do not start looking for another option. Life does not stop. But among all these student there are those who get fail or get a backlog. In most cases the first impression we get is ‘Perhaps he/she must not have studied’ or 'Perhaps the person hasn't given the exam his/her best shot.'
Have you ever thought the ones who get a backlog or fail in a subject could be victims of the carelessness of the examiner who checked his/her answer sheet?

A rather delicate subject as a teacher I believe that it is important to refrain from shying away from reality. Yes this could be true. There is a possibility that their answer sheets were not checked properly.

I would like to share a personal experience of *Neha someone I have known well for a long time. Neha is not only a bright student she has been consistently scoring high. She recently appeared for her Senior Secondary exams. As soon as her exams were done with she immediately began preparing for the engineering entrances. She was rather excited to get her result but to her horror on the day of the results she found out she has failed in one subject i.e. ‘Math’. This was the biggest shock of her life. She was sure she couldn't fail, so, she applied for re- evaluation of her paper. She had never failed in any subject ever. She spoke to the Education Department Officers and explained all the questions she attempted but it was no good for her. After explaining everything to the E.O all she heard was – “you may be right, the mistake could be from our end, what we can suggest you is to re- appear for the exam in July.” Clearly the Education department official was aware of its misgivings.

A girl who lost her mother at a young age and lives with Grandparents who are very old she has cannot afford to fight back. Having no place to go, she has chosen to re- appear for the exam even when she knows that in all possibility she couldn't have failed in the first place.

I am a teacher, I see students working hard in every term. But if I do my work carelessly, how can one blame the students who fail or get compartment?

The best part is that the Education Department is openly admitting its lapses. Why are we so unfortunately being exposed to only the negatives of the Education System getting rotten day by day, from kindergarten till the University Level? 

As a teacher I am writing this as a matter of awareness for all of you. I urge you to raise your voice against this injustice. The Education Department is for us and it is our duty to help bring in  change in any way we can.

- Gurneet Kaur

*name changed. 

The Author is a teacher and helps educating underprivileged students.



  1. Good Work Gurneet, Really appreciate the concern raised here and I totally agree to what you've said.

    Our system and guidelines are getting rotten with each passing day, we are living in the 21st century and are abiding by the guidelines which were laid in the 18th!!

    Its young teachers/leaders like you who can bring in a desired change!!

    Good Luck!!

    God Bless You & India!!

  2. Thank you Sir :-) , Means a lot. Hope to do something valuable for Education Sector