Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Community - based Education?

We all understand the importance of ‘Education’ in our lives regardless of what section/community we belong to. Most of us remember our teachers till we are old especially our favourite teachers. Many of us grow up with the desire to be like our favourite teacher from school. I still remember my favourite teacher- Mrs. Sugandha. She taught me English. I still remember her lectures, her questions, soft voice and her pleasing personality. All what was important for us was that she was our English teacher.

But it is now after being a teacher myself I realize how difficult it is to live in this profession. Although everybody says it is a noble profession I am now learning that life and the times we live in are not completely conducive to this profession. Even in the Education system there is a stark reminder that there will always be preferential treatment given to people from the same community. Where is merit then? 

Eight years since I passed school and I see a drastic change in the way schools functions. 
It is disheartening to see a Nation, so rich in young talent lost in its own home grown communalism and politics.

Recently, I met a friend who is a teacher, looking for a job. She has been giving interviews in various reputed schools in Delhi. And from her I got to know most of the schools here in Delhi prefer to hire teachers from the same community meaning if you are a Christian you would automatically be preferred in a convent school, if a Sikh then in a school that is run by the community and the list is on for all other communities. So you basically must have your religion to back you up as a candidate to qualify or you will be the management’s first choice if you belong to the community.

Unfortunately, a talented professional who can impart good educational knowledge is being considered unworthy simply because he or she does not belong to the same community as that of the school.

I read a lot about concerns being raised over communal politics in this country but if you look again you will realize that the meaning of secularism in education is different for each person. I sometimes am forced to ask are we promoting a subtle form of communalism under the garb of secularism? 

There has to be a control on the hiring process of Private/Government Aided schools.
It is our India and we all have to stay united to make it perfect. 

Gurneet Kaur 

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