Sunday, 6 May 2012

Some Reflections on a Neglected Motherland...

India was, is and always will be one of the most interesting countries on this planet to be living in.

Twenty years ago, people were packing their bags to cross the seven seas in search of a better future. Immigration was the name of the Game; but today circumstances are changing. Those who left the country are slowly realising that there’s no place like home and ‘India is home.’ 

However, India in spite of high growth rates still remains far behind in terms of standard of living, income equality, infrastructure and many other socio-economic factors. This is mainly due to poor administration.

I have travelled the world and seen many countries, and it is devastating to note that the fault doesn't lie in India as she is rich in resources, but the fault lies in ‘Us’ Indians. It is the people of India who are corrupt, narrow minded and unambitious. I won’t just blame the politicians, I am blaming everyone from every field and industry including you and me and the society we live in. We are all at fault at some level somewhere.

We say ‘we hate corruption’, we come out with processions against corruption but we still promote grass-root corruption by paying bribes to traffic cops and municipal servants every-day. We complain that we don't have good education, health and infrastructure facilities but we still conceal our incomes and avoid paying our taxes which bring us these things that we want.

We don't trust our government and hence our government doesn't care about the people.

The main fault lies within - it is in our minds!

This was why I took up the challenge and a dream project of mine - trying to stir a revolution through Literature!

I thought of a concept - how much change can happen if we take up improving the system in our own hands? These concepts lead to a plot that developed in my mind which culminated into a story.

This is what inspired me to publish my debut fiction novel ‘I FOR INDIA’ which is a story about a young, ambitious, patriotic and very rich spoilt man who returns to India after 21 years of staying in Australia and appalled by the state of his motherland, he decides to make a difference.

After experiencing the horrific other side of India; from meeting the poor and downtrodden, facing corrupt officials everywhere, travelling in the terrible public transport, and being stuck in the middle of the horrific terrorist attacks in Mumbai of 26-11 the character realizes his vision and dream for India and then enters the system to change it himself. He then follows his wonderful journey of transformation of this country.

All I wanted to achieve through this novel is to enable my readers to appreciate the fact that it is possible for India to regain her lost glory if we trigger the change in ourselves. If we quit the blame game and take on the responsibility ourselves and if we work together towards a common goal and strengthen this supreme democracy then we can surely take India to greater heights.

Through efficient models of regulatory mechanisms and effective governance the book shows how reforms can lead us there. The bottom line is that if we want change we must trigger it ourselves.

India has a lot of potential, but it is up to the Indians to channelize this potential and achieve success together.

We have a long way to go but I am positive and believe that we are headed the right way. Let’s just hope that we see this dream of a “Developed India” come true in our lifetime, so that we don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed of being an inactive part of this magnificent country. The time has come to prove ourselves to the world.

The Time is Now!

Karan Khanna

@thekarankhanna on Twitter

The Writer is the Author of the book ‘I for India.’

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