Friday, 4 May 2012

What is Change?

Change always comes bearing gifts.
 -Price Pritchett Actual Sense of the word ‘Change’

Every society wants change and an assurance of a better living. A few of them achieve this much needed change and development through their own effort. Some others need an external force to change and develop with the help other great people. But there is needed an inspiration for all cultured, developed and organized groups. ‘Tharoorians of a change’ is a best example for this.         Dr.Shashi Tharoor is and will always be the inspiration to all young minds in India and also the world. ‘Tharoorians’ are but a start for sweeping winds of change to ensure reforms for the Indian society. 

Societies are comprised of individuals who must keep abreast with the development and this happens because of the constantly changing dynamics of the society. What makes people change and why? This is a difficult question to answer.

An individual grows independently and as a part of society. There are emerging properties of groups of humans that play an important role in change among them. This work is a look at some of these emergent properties and how they are used for social change.

When dealing with the country however, one must remember Change must should not aim at  personal gain, it simply intends the change for better condition be it the education, economics, politics etc.…

The process of change can be difficult because the results are evident only in due course of time. The essence is not to lose hope. The motion to change must be initiated and the passion and fire to develop this change must be handed over to the next generation.

As I write this note I realize that it will take time to get concrete results from the ‘Change’ this blog is initiating but I am very sure change will come one day.

But I don’t know how to work for a change? How do I do something different and creative for society?

The more important question we these days is, Do we have time to do anything for society?

Group thinking and a role of leaders is inevitable for a change. That is why I write this article for discussion. Humans act differently when they are involved in groups. ‘Groupthink‘ is a less-conscious state of humans, where they are devoted to a common cause rather than work only on their own experience and thoughts. One learns to develop your ideas with the help of others in a group.

Coming to my second point ‘Leadership’; Some people speak through their work and it is this effort that makes them more influential than other people. For instance, a politician can have the advantage of a lot of media coverage, as well as a position of importance in a society. When used as a positive force it generates positive environment. ‘Ideas’ they say carry more weight than those of the average person. Further, there are persons who would be the leaders and spokespeople for organizations for public causes. Finally, there are also people who simply have more personal charisma than average. Malcolm Gladwell referred to these people as “Connectors” in his book The Tipping Point.

Tharoorians for a change aspires to do something different for society and inspire students and young aspirants to work towards this change. Indeed, India does not need a ‘Socially-obligated’  but a ‘socially aware’ generation for change.

Dear friends, what we need to do now is use this platform to discuss and develop ideas for a changing India. I requested you to convey your ideas and be a part of this change.

-Abdullah Karuthedakam

@abdullahclt on Twitter

The Writer is the Editor at "The GLC Reporter" Online Legal Magazine.

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