Thursday, 23 May 2013

Clashes of Mind - A bird's eye view of the Modern Indian Society

INDIA-The most gracefully diversified, acclaimed,welcoming country, the country that celebrates the essence of life, known for its immense knowledge down the ages; the world’s largest democracy, a growing Asian Superpower, the country having world’s youngest population, so many accolades, and yet just one country!

Yes! This is what makes me proud of being an “Indian”. It makes one wonder what wrong might happen in a country so spiritual, so divine, pure and true in its very own sense?

Wonder as you may, living in the country opens the dusty yet crucially placed doors of gruesome mindsets since long. So long and deeply rooted that we simply accepted it as a way of life. Now don't get me wrong I am not trying to be cynical but one cannot refute the fact that though our country may have advanced in many ways a part of us is still downright orthodox and stereotype! 

The Indian society may have progressed by leaps and bounds but our “MENTALITY” seems stuck there and then.

Let me clarify, I am not harbinger of animosity. I am not anti-nationalist even. This is just the reflection of the society in which we live by a concerned citizen.

So here we go:

A National Shame:
Every day we wake up and open our national daily to get glimpse of nation whereabouts. What catches our eye then? What makes us feel ashamed?
It’s the traumatic story of one of our female counterpart being exploited, abducted, and assaulted.

What can be worse than this, one might think! But thanks to our “Indian Men” and their never-ending thirst towards getting sexually satisfied, even our Children: Little young girls who are merely 3-4 years are victims of such paedophiles.
What is more disturbing in this scenario is the aftermath of these tragic incidents is now predictable:

  • ·        The blame game between the Cops and State Government starts almost immediately.
  • ·        Media selectively covers the cases, which helps them to gain more TRP’s.
  • ·        Youth wings of Political Parties would demonstrate in the state governed by their rivals, but won’t do any “TAMASHA” in their own party ruled state.
  • ·        Citizens out of the blue will get up from their slumbers and protest.
  • ·        Opposition will get obsessed again with word “Resignation”.


      A nation, the honour and wealth which was looted for thousands of years by aliens is now slowly being looted by its natives in different ways. And yet there is silence. The very essence of India unlike any other country on the planet is its “Unity in Diversity.” But look again without the idealist’s spectacles and you will notice there are so many barriers erected now. We are now Bihari, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayali, UPites, Sikkimites first. If that is not, then you have Forward and backward class. What’s more you have Rajputs, Brahmins, Vaishyas, Shoodras, Shiyas, Sunnis. Of course this is apart from the already existing Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Hence the very basis, on which the premise of the India story was based, is today reduced to shallowness. Colour, language, gender makes an appearance too.My heart definitely weeps but unfortunately, this is the India I was born into.

Education Taboo:   
 I do not want to compare India’s Education to the rest in the world. I want to highlight the medieval mindset that exists still, related to two of noted streams that one opts in class XI:
·        SCIENCE  and

Whether it’s the parents, relatives, neighbours, teachers; majority of them are of the notion that science is the prime stream and that is what one should opt for as “it opens all directions and will give an upper hand over others”.Humanities on the other hand, is treated somewhat like “Shudras” were treated in our Indian Society long back.People are of the view that this stream is meant for the low graders.
Yes! I am writing about this as I went through the same and so does many of my batchmatesWhy does life’s crucial decisions be based on someone else’s view and opinion? Why do I have to select a conventional subject to make it big in life? Why societies influence most of our decisions? Strangely every time I asked or sought for the answer the people I was always rebuked.

Social Networking Sites: The two of the famous sites are Facebook and Twitter: To which we the netizens are glued.What is wrong with this? Facebook- The site catering to large number of Fake profiles and the latest trend of “CONFESSION” page was seen as a space to speak out what one couldnot say in open.Then as it works, sensibility is rare to find.Soon it got polluted with abusing/threatening each other and acted as pseudo-dating site
Twitter- As the moderator of this blog wrote in one of her piece the way tweeples are behaving, it’s sickening to see goons of communal political parties-tweet/Reply in most disgusting manner. Its simple, If your ideology doesn’t match with the person, don’t follow him, but then they prove what Confucius once said “Life is really simple,but we insist on making it complicated.”


A word that we come across us a thousand times in a single day and which touches each and every sphere of our lives.
So as notion goes, we judge everything by it’s acceptance in society. So is Politics good or bad?
Yes! That’s what I am always asked when people get to know I am political aficionado.

And to my luck, before letting me answer, the answer too that comes from their side only saying: “It’s not at all good”, leave your intrest and work towards something of importance and value.I always believed that it’s not the Idea of politics that is evil; it’s the people within it which make it dirty.
If we talk about the present scenario: The society is divided amidst two prominent ideologies currently the Congress and the other the BJP.

Without a doubt, I too am an ardent supporter and follower of one of the ideologies, which one is clearly unimportant. The youth icons of India as they have been tagged seemingly have a promising career ahead. For any citizen the parameters of good governance must be leadership qualities, humility, vivacity, benevolence, charity, strong-will set him apart. It is the leader who promotes the youth participation in politics and wishes to see a new phase and face of Indian politics coming.

As citizens,we all want to bring change,but none of us go out and do our bit towards bringing that change. Can we all vote for starters? May be that is why I am view of that our society as a whole has to be re-developed in accordance with new trends and carrying traditional values along with us.

If we will be able to achieve this, nothing in world can stop us.

And after going through this write up If you feel ashamed to be part of nation called India, my advice to you is: “It’s not Bharat that has lost its values, it is the bharatiya who has fallen from grace.”

- Aakash Chandran

 @ChandranAakash on Twitter

The writer has just finished his twelfth board exams and aspires to be a Lawyer.


  1. I can feel the frustration boiling in your blood when you wrote this article. And I am glad that you spoke for all of us. A good one indeed. Way to go.

  2. nice job Aakash Chandran...! All the very best for your future...

  3. Impressive.. (y)
    Style of writing compels the reader to read till the end..
    I loved " Then as it works, sensibility is rare to find" :D
    Keep it up.. :)

  4. Good job Akash.. Well written.. Just one thing- Diversity and arguments aren't always bad,it has its own advantages , it may look messy at times,but mostly evolves into something beautiful...Keep it up ..Best wishes ..!!

  5. Boss! Great style of writing (y).Looking forward to other articles by you.

  6. Well,I only read in newspapers and magazines about the Youth Congress and the Indain Student parliament suggesting that the Indian Youth thinks for progessive change.After reading and talking to my friend,you,Aakash I know it's for real.Give yourself a pat on your back from my side.

  7. Thanks a lot for taking out time and giving it a read Natesh :)
    Thanks, It means a lot!

  8. the last line really says it all!