Sunday, 30 December 2012

In Memoriam 'Her'

A nation mourns the passing away of a brave heart. Here are my thoughts on the victim of the Gang rape in Delhi whose courageous fight has ended; written in the hope that our fight may begin today, and long last.


We are all rapists and we let you die;
Before your family lost you, we lost you;
We'll loose many more like you. We'll stand by,
While thousands like you die. What can we do?
'You stir our conscience' the swelling crowds cry
Amid the camera's gaze in Delhi's haze;
In studios Self-righteous fists will fly,
And Netas will be bashed. You are today's
'Breaking news' and our slimy platitudes,
Will mock your memory. Once bored we'll switch
The channel but won't switch our attitudes-
A girl out late at night will still be 'Harlot!',
'Her skirt's too short', 'Perhaps she asked for it!',
'She could have lived! If only she'd submit!'


'Women cannot roam freely at midnight!'
'Who was with her, what was she doing with him?'
'European women -loose, their clothes-too tight!'
'Girls are not malnourished, they just stay slim!'
We only see what 'we' want 'us' to see,
Kashmir, Manipur, Dalits, Tribals-we
Had chosen to wait till it was Delhi,
Then, guilt paid tribute to hypocrisy-
"Castrate, behead, rip, hang'- 'those' whom 'we' blame."
You ceased to be a being, became a name-
'Amanat', 'Damini' so we may speak
Of our 'Collective conscience'. Well! we lie,
It's a 'Collective pretence'; We are weak
'Collective rapists' and we let you die.

-Syed Faizan
@syedfaizan87 on Twitter.

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