Sunday, 17 June 2012

Open Letter To All...

Dear Friends, 

Change is inevitable & change is the only thing constant.
Tharoorians for Change too undergoes a change today!

It has been brought to our notice by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP himself that "Tharoorians For Change" has been misconstrued as a Fan club blog, largely undermining the seriousness of the issues being taken up via this medium.

The Inspiration behind this blog, Dr. Tharoor has been instrumental in shaping our thoughts for a Better and Brighter Future for India and it would be unfair to undermine his support and encouragement and belittle the writers efforts by terming Tharoorians For Change as a mere Fan club blog.

After much reflection however, it has been decided in consultation with Dr.Tharoor, that the blog be renamed as 'Progressive Indians for Change' instead. 

Our sincerest thanks to Dr. Shashi Tharoor who so kindly acquiesced in our using his name on the blog and for his incessant encouragement on Twitter. Our best wishes to him as he moves forward in India's political arena as Change Maker! We eagerly look forward to his comments and compliments on our writers' works as we embark on this new journey.

Indeed we all remain ''Tharoorians" in spirit though the blog and our writers who grew rather fond of the name won't be carrying the name formally anymore. 

I take this opportunity to invite every Indian to take part in this quest for change. 

This is not the end, only a new beginning! 

Eagerly look forward to your participation!

Regards & Best,
Katherine. Abraham

Twitter Handle: @Indian4Progress



  1. Katie, it was not sounding like a fan club. More like a sycophant club. A name change alone will not change that impression.

    1. Really? And it took you 2months, 48 posts and a name change to arrive at that conclusion? I'm surprised to see your hypocrisy at the very least. And you don't even have the guts to reveal your true identity.

      Well, If you can't understand or appreciate our work, don't! but don't ever Insult or demean my Writers or Our Inspiration behind it.

      And if you are so compelled to elicit your views next time do it with your own identity!


  2. Jai hind thats what I can say proudly, what ever you are doing if it is well for Indians we are with you........

    1. Thank you Salil! Please keep reading and encouraging the Writers! if possible do consider a contribution yourself.


  3. Definitely this ll provoke the minds of young ppl.hope this ll reach every nook and corner of this country.we, ppl of India have suffered a lot.we can't wait for some fateful day that would bring the change.we should makeit happen in the near future.I need a change.I ll stand along with u in this battle.don't turn ur ears to those morons.
    Guys pls do posting ur works.expecting to hear more from you.hats off to ur work.
    Jai hind.